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Which is the best frequent flyer program for Star Alliance? How can you earn a maximum in miles?

Before we answer these questions, you first need to know which airlines are Star Alliance members.

Star Alliance

Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines, EGYPTAIR, Ethiopian Airlines, EVA Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, SWISS, THAI, TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines, and United.


The best Frequent Flyer program for Star Alliance.

The best frequent flyer program within the Star Alliance program are SASEurobonus and Miles-and-More

SAS Eurobonus has a lot of advantages, but also one disadvantage compared to the Miles-and-More program.

With SASEurobonus you will earn 100%-200% miles when you fly in business class with most Star Alliance members.  Compared to Miles-and-More where you will usually only get 4 Miles per € spent. Another advantage with SAS Eurobonus is that you can create a Point Sharing group. You have the possibility to collect miles together with your family or even with friends.

Miles-and-More has one advantage,  you can convert your Payback points to Miles-and-More miles. Explained in our post earn miles at miles-and-more with Payback.

If you don’t use Payback, the SASEurobonus frequent flyer program is the better one for Star Alliance.


How to earn a maximum in Miles?

  • Credit Card

To start, get a credit card. Every €/£/$ you spent for your daily expenses will give you points that you can convert into Miles.

There are a lot of different credit cards available, we can’t tell you which card is the best for each country, but we can tell you that the American Express card is always a good choice.

Very often, you will get a huge points/miles bonus if you apply a new credit card. With the American Express card you can convert your points to SASEurobonus and as well to Miles-and-More.

If you live in Luxembourg or Belgium, the American Express Miles-and-More card is perfect for the Miles-and-More program, with a welcome bonus of 20’000 miles.


  • Flights

That’s quite obvious, you will earn Miles as well when you fly with Star Alliance partners.

The number of Miles varies depending on the booking class and the price you pay.

And of course to which program you credit them, as we said already, usually you will get more Miles for flights credited to SASEurobonus than with the Miles-and-More program.


  • Magazine Subscriptions

Well yes, with Miles-and-More you can even collect some miles with magazine subscriptions, and it is pretty easy. Here’s our post collect miles with magazine subscriptions.


  • Daily Expenses

Not only you should use your credit card for your daily expenses, but you should for each purchase try to earn some extra Miles.


This can be done for Miles-and-More members if you visit the Miles-and-More shopping portal, login to your account and start earning miles while shopping. And don’t forget that you can collect Miles and More as well with your Payback card.

SAS Eurobonus:

If you are a SASEurobonus member, visit this page to earn miles, and log in to our account.


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