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Which is the best frequent flyer program for the Oneworld alliance? How can you earn a maximum in miles?

Before we answer these questions, you first need to know which airlines are Oneworld members.

Oneworld members

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Royal Air Maroc, S7 Airlines and SriLankan Airlines, as well as Fiji Airways as a connect partner and some 30 affiliated airlines.


The best Frequent Flyer program for Oneworld.

The best frequent flyer program within the Oneworld alliance is British Airways Executive Club

For flights with Oneworld members, you will earn Avios this is how Oneworld calls their Award miles, and you will earn Tier Points, these are the Status miles.

Status miles (Tier points):

  • Can only be earned through flights
  • Affect frequent flyer status

Award miles (Avios):

  • Can be collected while flying or from partners on the ground
  • Only redeemable for rewards: “free” flights, upgrades or other products


How to earn a maximum in Avios?

  • Credit Card

To start, get a credit card. Every €/£/$ you spent for your daily expenses will give you points that you can convert into Avios.

There are a lot of different credit cards available, we can’t tell you which card is the best for each country, but we can tell you that the American Express card is always a good choice.

It is for sure the best credit card if you live in Belgium, Luxembourg or France. Very often you will get a huge points/miles bonus if you apply a new credit card.

  • Buy extra Avios with a discount

From time to time you can buy some extra Avios with a discount, this can make sense if the discount is high enough or if you are in need of some extra Avios.

You can check this page if there’s a promotion going on at the moment.

  • Flights

That’s quite obvious, you will earn Avios as well when you fly with Oneworld partners.

The number of Avios vary depending on the booking class and the routing.

Simply explained, you will gt more Avios in First class than in Business class, and more in Business class than in Premium Economy class and so on.

But you will get also more Avios if you aren’t flying direct to a destination.

For example, you are a new member (Blue) and fly from London Heathrow to Los Angeles on a direct flight in Business Class (R,I) on a return flight, will earn you 16326 Avios.

If you choose a routing LHR-JFK-LAX, you will earn 17776 Avios ro the return flight.

The higher your frequent flyer status, the more Avios you earn.

And again, if you book a flight, use your credit card for the extra points/Avios.

  • Daily Expenses

Not only you should use your credit card for your daily expenses, but you should for each purchase try to earn some extra Avios.

This can be done if you visit British Airways eStore, login to your Excecutive Club account, and earn Avios from tons of different retailers.

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