Hotels&Cars in cooperation with Miles-and-More offer AGAIN a bonus of 1000 to 6000 miles for your first hotel booking, on top of the usual miles.

This time the offer is valid for everyone, not only new customers.

On top of the miles that you will earn anyway, you will earn at least the following bonus of miles, depending on the amount you spent:

  • 1000 miles for bookings between 150€ – 299€
  • 2000 miles for bookings between 300€ – 599€
  • 6000 miles for bookings over 600€

The offer is valid until June 30, 2022. Stays can also be outside of this period.

Receive an additional 1,000 award miles for every 5 nights you stay. Up to 20 nights.

Remember, if you want to take advantage from such promotions, first check what your hotel would cost if booked through the normal channels.

We advise not to pay more than 10€ compared to the normal price for each chunk of 1000 miles you would earn from this promotion.


Access the offer here.

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