We will explain to you how you can collect Miles with magazine subscriptions.

How it works

Actually the process here is very straightforward, you just have to know that the possibility exists.

You subscribe for a magazine, digital or hard copy. Usually these subscriptions are for one year, then enter your Miles-and-More number, and you will receive the amount of miles accordingly.

The only thing you have to remember is to cancel the subscription in time, as you will only receive the Miles the first year. We recommend you to cancel any subscription immediately after the miles are credited, indicating that you want to cancel after the first 12 months.

Where to find active magazine promotions?

With Miles-and-More you have 2 possibilities: Look for promotions on the Miles-and-More site and on the Payback site (Payback points can be converted to Miles-and-More).

Promotions on the Miles-and-More website

Here’s the page, usually only a few active promotions will be available, which quite often only make sense if you would read these magazines anyway. If you happen to have a German postal address, a lot more magazines are available to subscribe. It is worth to look up the page up from time to time to see if there are any new promotions available.

Promotions with Burda Direkt and Payback

This option is definitely more interesting, and sometimes it even makes sense to subscribe to a magazine without reading it, just because the ratio of miles you earn is so high. When you are not based in Germany, you have to note that you can only apply for digital subscriptions unless you happen to have a physical mail address in Germany. A list of active magazine promotions can be found here: Payback  – BurdaDirekt.

You have a whole variety of possible subscriptions if you happen to have a German address. Just head to the Payback – BurdaDirekt service, and see the available promotions.

You now only have to convert your Payback points to Miles-and-More miles.


We showed you a more exotic way of earning miles. If you happen to read one of the available magazines anyway, or you find a promotion with a very good €/miles ratio, you can easily earn yourself a couple of extra miles with very little effort.


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